August 8, 2016

A Website Now? I’m Only a Student

If you’re reading this, you already know how long the road is to getting your license. And even once you get your license, it’s really just the beginning. Don’t forget about constantly improving your skills or building and maintaining a business. If you’re planning on starting a private practice, it’s really never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to do it and start taking some action. One thing you may want to start thinking about is your website. Why? Because it takes a long time. When a website goes live, even if it’s the best design in the world, it’s really […]
June 6, 2016

How to Collect Hours While Rising the Career Ladder

The path towards licensure looks different for every MFT registered intern. Some interns focus on the type of setting they want to work in, while others look for the most clinically challenging placement, seek out jobs with great benefits and pay, or focus on a combination of those areas. There are many roads an intern can take to accomplish their career goals. One thing that most interns do have in common, however, is the focus on getting to the 3000 hours in the most efficient and practical way possible. Because of this focus, there are times when interns do not look for or apply for […]
May 16, 2016

Interns May Be Prevented from Practicing Applied Behavioral Analysis

[UPDATE (11/15/2017): AB 1715 is currently a “dead” bill. We will provide additional updates if the bill begins to move forward in the future.] Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a treatment modality commonly used with individuals who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Some ABA positions offer above-average pay and hours toward licensure, making them highly desirable among marriage and family therapist registered interns. However, on May 2, 2016, the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) sent out an e-mail to its members discussing proposed legislation (AB 1715) to establish a license for the practice of ABA. In […]
May 2, 2016
Can I Get Paid as a Trainee?

Can I Get Paid as a Trainee?

Although this service is meant to be helpful in finding paid MFT internships, I thought it would be beneficial to inform you all that there are opportunities for paid MFT traineeships! *collective gasp* Let’s face it, the time and effort that goes into collecting hours as a student is part of the training that is needed for the field. But why does it have to go uncompensated? Merely gaining experience isn’t enough when you are trying to pay the bills and remain emotionally/mentally healthy (which may include paying out-of-pocket for your personal therapy, depending on whether your MFT program requires it). Here are three […]
April 18, 2016
Long Beach-South Bay Job Fair

My Experience at the Long Beach-South Bay CAMFT Job Fair

Last week, I traveled to Los Angeles County in order to attend the ninth annual Long Beach-South Bay CAMFT Job Fair. I discovered a flyer for the job fair while browsing a Facebook group, and was surprised to learn that such an event existed! I was eager to attend for the purpose of promoting Paid MFT Internships and familiarizing myself with organizations that aren’t as well-known by MFT registered interns. The registration fee of $10 for a three-hour event, which included roundtable discussions about improving resumes, interviewing with employers, and creating private practices, was quite reasonable. The event took place at the Holiday Inn […]
April 4, 2016

Ballin’ in the Minivan on an Intern Budget

If you’re like me, you’re not just an intern. You have a family, a home, obligations, and the expenses to go with all of those. I have the added expense of being in school and working toward my Doctorate in Psychology. Here are a few tricks I use to keep our family from drowning in debt. Meal Planning Planning a week or two of meals is the easiest way to cut your food expenses in half. I’ve also found that it can help you lose weight and feel better because you’re not cramming last-minute junk in your mouth after realizing […]