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March 5, 2016
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How to Master Your MFT Internship Interview


Preparation and knowledge of yourself and the work setting you’re gunning for is important in rocking your interview and getting that MFT internship. While these questions are not all-inclusive, being able to come up with thoughtful responses for these questions will ensure you’re on the way to mastering your MFT internship interview!

Always remember to be yourself. If you feel as if you must put on an act, then that job is probably not the one for you.

And remember to BREATHE – you’ve got this!

Getting to Know You

1. Tell us about yourself.

2. Why do you want to work here? Why do you feel this site would be a good fit for your interests and background?

3. Strengths and weaknesses?

4. Where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years?

5. What brought you to this field?

6. What distinguishes you from other candidates?

7. How would a professor or supervisor describe you?

8. Is there a specific population that appeals to you?

9. Is there a certain population or type of person that you have a strong emotional reaction to?

10. Is there a specific population that you’re intimidated by? A population that you would want to work with? Why?

Experience and Knowledge

1. How have your education and previous experiences prepared you for work with clients?

2. Knowledge/understanding of the recovery/wellness model?

3. Involvement in community service or volunteer work?

4. Theoretical orientation you identify with most?

5. Tell us about the role of an MFT Registered Intern.


1. How would you handle an aggressive/angry client?

2. How would you handle a suicidal/homicidal client?

3. How would you address child abuse/neglect?

4. What do you know about our program?

5. How do you utilize supervision?

6. How would you handle a conflict with your client?


1. Tell us about a time when you were part of a team. What was your role and how did you interact with others?

2. Tell us about a time when you used your cultural sensitivity to assist another person.

3. How would you handle a problem with your colleague or supervisor?

Time Management and Organization

1. This field can be overwhelming and stressful. What are your self-care practices?

2. How do you think you will handle the workload? What strategies do you use to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed?

3. How do you cope with pressure and deadlines?

Questions to Ask the Employer

1. What type of training will I obtain at this position?

2. What is the supervision style?

3. What are typical cases and projects I will be working with?

4. How often are performance reviews/evaluations given?

5. What is your organization’s view of the ideal candidate for this position?

6. How is professional development supported here?

7. What challenge is your company currently facing?

8. When do you anticipate making a decision regarding this position? When can I expect to hear back by?

What questions would you add to this list? Do you have great responses for these questions? Share your thoughts by replying to this article!

About the Author

Myra L. Quirk was born on an Army base in Ancon, Panama to a Green Beret Ranger and a spit-fire blonde. At 3 years old her family moved back to Southwest Tennessee where she was raised until she graduated high school a year early and joined the US Navy. She spent 11 years traveling the world as a Chinese Language Analyst and Translator/Interpreter, gathering two Associate’s Degrees in Chinese Language and Strategic Leadership. During her free time, she would read psychology and neuroscience articles and textbooks until she finally decided to pursue it as a career. She received her Bachelor of Psychology Degree from Hawaii Pacific University in 2013, 4 days after giving birth to her 4th (AND LAST!) child. She is now in pursuit of a Doctorate in Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Irvine, CA, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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