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Coming Soon: New Name, New Direction!

Paid MFT Internships is excited to announce that in the near future, we will undergo a rebranding! We’ve created this blog article in order to discuss the new direction we have in mind and what the rebranding will encompass. We welcome your questions and feedback – feel free to reply to this blog article by scrolling toward the bottom of this page!

Why We Are Rebranding

When Paid MFT Internships was created and launched on September 1, 2015, we had one goal in mind: to make it easier for MFT registered interns to get hours and get paid. Our service’s name and slogan reflected this goal, and it wasn’t long before MFT registered interns all across California began to take notice and started utilizing our job search feature at an exponential rate! With the support of our followers and subscribers, volunteers, and advertising partners, we continued to expand as a service and were able to cover the entirety of California within one year.

Over time, we began to notice that more and more MFT trainees/students began to utilize our service, even though they weren’t our target audience. We realized that just like MFT registered interns, MFT trainees/students require additional resources as they set out on their journey to become mental health professionals. We began to encourage MFT trainees/students to use our job search feature in order to learn about prospective employers prior to graduating and obtaining their registration numbers. We reached out to CAMFT chapters and universities in order to spread our message to MFT trainees/students.

Then came the big announcement that we had been anticipating for some time: MFT registered interns would be called “associates” starting in January 2018. While we were pleased to learn of this new change, it also raised some concerns about our service’s name and the confusion that might result in the years to come. Would positions still be called “internships” if the individuals who filled those positions were no longer “interns”?

We thought long and hard about the future of this valuable service. We noted how this service had expanded to include other features, such as our blog (which now contains ten articles with original content) and forums (which we launched as part of our one-year anniversary celebration). While our job search feature continued to be the most popular feature by far, we felt that our name did not accurately reflect all that we had to offer to MFT registered interns, and potentially to MFT trainees/students. Thus, a decision was made to rebrand the service.

What Will (and Won’t) Change

Name and Logo: While we aren’t ready to reveal the new name and logo just yet, we believe the name and logo will reflect our desire to be more inclusive. Our website’s and social media pages’ URLs will reflect the new name once we proceed with the rebranding.

Target Audience: This will expand to include MFT trainees/students in addition to our existing target audience of MFT registered interns. We will continue to focus on those who are pursuing licensure as MFTs, vs. branching out to include licensed MFTs or other types of mental health professionals.

Cost: This service will continue to offer all of its features for FREE to MFT registered interns and MFT trainees/students!

Job Search: We will continue to pour the majority of our time and energy into locating and sharing job listings that are applicable to MFT registered interns (although we will start to include paid opportunities for MFT trainees/students as well, with a special label for those job listings!).

Other Features: We will continue to offer the blog and forums, and we will develop additional features as needed in order to further support our followers and supporters!

Goal: We envision that in the years to come, this service will become an essential tool that can be utilized from the beginning to end of one’s path to licensure, regardless of whether or not you are currently seeking employment as a psychotherapist!

When the Rebranding Will Occur

We expect the rebranding to take place prior to the end of this year. We anticipate the rebranding process will be straightforward, and we will continue to provide updates as we approach the launch date for our rebranding!

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