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Job Search


Keywords: This field allows you to type in specific keywords (e.g., “depression”). This can be useful if you are looking for positions that involve working with certain types of clients; however, it can also drastically narrow your search results.

We recommend you avoid using keywords when you first begin searching for job listings.

Location: This field allows you to narrow your search results based on location (e.g., “San Diego, CA”). To select a location, begin typing the name of a city, and when you see it appear in the drop-down menu, select it.

We highly recommend using this aspect of the search engine.

Within: This field allows you to narrow your search results based on distance from the location you have specified. You can select “10”, “25”, “50”, or “100” from the drop-down menu.

Miles: This can be changed to Kilometers via the drop-down menu if desired.

Order by: This field allows you to sort your search results by “Distance”, “Title”, “Featured”, or “Date”.

We highly recommend ordering search results by “Distance” or “Date”.

Job Types: All job types (“Bilingual Required”, “Full Time”, “Part Time”, “Per Diem”, “Stipend”, “Temporary”, and “Trainee”) are automatically selected when you visit the job search feature. To narrow down your search results, deselect any job types that you’re not interested in.


John Smith lives in San Diego and wants to find jobs located within 10 miles of his residence. He wants to order search results based on when the job listings were posted. He is only interested in full time positions that do not require applicants to be bilingual.

John’s search results might look like this:



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